This item: Large Gift Box with Lid Black Magnetic Closure Decorative Box for Christmas Thanksgiving Birthday, and White Magnetic Decorative Box Also Available in Custom Sizes.
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We have worked closely with our international clients for over 15 years.With innovative enterprising attitude and faith, combined with technical strength, Xiamen Rise Dongsheng highlights the luxury and brand quality for customers, and strives to separate customers from the competition of similar products.
Corrugated shipping boxes can be the most cost-effective way to ship your product. All our corrugated products are 99% recyclable and offer great product protection.
1. Material: corrugated paper
2. Surface treatment: glossy matt laminate
3. Features: This is a polygonal gift box with ribbon. It is made of corrugated paper and environmentally friendly materials. The material is extremely hard. It is a gift box that can be recycled many times. The design is double-opening, with ribbon on the door, which can fix the door of the carton well, so there is no need to worry about the loss of gifts during transportation.
Products: small paper gift box candy biscuit box, party gift box, kraft paper gift bag sweet box craft gift box.
Uses: Suitable for wedding birthday kids party anniversary packaging gift giving.
1. Protect candles: it can prevent damage or deformation during transportation or storage, and protect the integrity and aesthetics of candles.
2. Store candles: As a storage container, candles can be more neat and orderly, easy to manage and use.
1. Material: gray board, recycled material
2. Process: Matte laminating, varnishing, stamping, embossing, glossy laminating, UV coating, VANIS
3. Features: The cylinder box is made of gray board material, which has strong sealing performance, can better store items, and is moisture-proof (such as: tea)
Service: one-stop service for design and printing
Price: the manufacturer sells directly without middlemen to earn price difference
Customization: Personalize the box you want
Material: select high-quality materials with guaranteed quality
Quality: Make every product carefully.
Price: direct selling by the manufacturer, without intermediate link cost.
Workmanship:Professional design team, grasp the details and customer needs.
Material: high-quality materials and rich production experience.
Materials: Grey Chip board+ artpaper
Printing: CMYK printing
Finishing: Matte lamination
Size: 30*20*10cm
The packing box for Halloween!!!This box is of high quality, the design of the box is full of Halloween atmosphere, you can put candies in the box or use the box as a gift box!
Material: coated paper, white or gray paper, special paper
Printing: Matte laminating, varnishing, stamping, embossing, glossy laminating, UV coating,
Finishing: The cardboard is strong and thick, the paper surface is smooth, the ink acceptability is good, and the gloss is good.
Box size: 26*26*4.5cm
Paper bag size: 26.5*27.5*5cm
Inner grid hole: 3.2cm in diameter
1. Material: corrugated paper
2. Craft: CMYK four-color printing
3. Features: This clothing packaging box is made of kraft paper, four-color printing, matte glue, high-quality kraft corrugated paper, with exquisite printing and complete processing equipment to customize the box, the main printing color is accurate, the craft is rich, and the material is exquisite , Let your products show high-end upgrade grade.
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