Tipo di cartone: personalizzato
Usi: regali, cosmetici, artigianato, gioielli, prodotti per la salute, biglietti di auguri, lettere
Dimensioni: su misura
Forma: personalizzata
Trattamento superficiale: stampa offset/prove a caldo/verniciatura/serigrafia
Stampa del logo: logo personalizzato
Product Name: Gift Jewelry Box

Product color: white/grey silver

We have been in the packaging and printing industry for over 15 years, consistently delivering high quality products.
Creative jewelry gift box, precision production, support customization, material diversity, cardboard production, kraft paper production, specification customization.
1. Free design, customization of multiple color schemes, and extravagance, marking your delicate life
2. Say goodbye to single choice and bring better experience to your jewelry
3. The production process is strictly selected, so that each piece of your jewelry can have a good quality destination.
The inner cushion can be taken out independently, and can be used to place rings, necklaces, bracelets and other accessories.
1. Process printing: flocking, offset printing, compounding, silk screen printing, embossing, UV printing, gravure bronzing (silver plating) and other surface treatment processes.
2. Material: gray board/157g copper plate, the drawer box type is gray board, and the surface is plated with 157g copper plate
3. Features: The drawer box is made of gray board, which is a renewable material and is an environmentally friendly jewelry box. Specially used for the packaging of some gifts.
1. Process printing: matte lamination.
2. Material: The gift box with lid is packed with 157g copper paper in a gray board box.
3. Features: The carton with lid is packed in a gray board box with 157g copper paper. They are all renewable materials and are recyclable packaging boxes. It is used for packaging various products such as jewelry, handicrafts, etc. It has a variety of uses and practicability. The exquisite appearance brings the gift box to the next level.
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