1. How can you guarantee your quality?
Normally we will send you a sample to confirm everything first. We will make the bigorder exactly the same as you request.
2. How to get samples?
*Our stock samples are provided free of charge. (1-5Pieces) *Sample with your own logo: sample fee needs to be paid, if your order amount exceeds 15000 US dollars, we will refund the sample fee (please provide picture files) *Inventory samples can be prepared within 2 days, customized samples need 5 to 10 days, depending on your process requirements. *Sample shipping is paid by the customer.
3. How to customize my product?
We are a customizable factory. We design and build each project according to the needs of individual customers. All of our products are custom made based on your artwork files.
4. How to get quotation?
We pricing the products according to the customers specifications, request on materials, printing, finish and other process flow and so on.
5. Are You Manufactory or Trade Company?
We are a manufacturing company, not just a factory, because we have a professional sales team and designers. We have our own showrooms, and they can all help buyers determine which product is their best choice.
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