Materials: Grey Chip board+ artpaper
Printing: CMYK printing
Finishing: Matte lamination
Size: 30*20*10cm
The packing box for Halloween!!!This box is of high quality, the design of the box is full of Halloween atmosphere, you can put candies in the box or use the box as a gift box!
Materials: grey chip board + artpaper + gold card
Printing: CMYK + gold stamping
Finishing: matte lamination
Size: custom size
Materials: artpaper + grey chip board
Printing: gold stamping
Finishing: Matte lamination
Size: customs size available
Material: single copper + gray board, double copper + gray board, single powder + gray board, kraft paper + gray board, gold and silver card + gray board, special paper + gray board
Printing: flocking, offset printing, screen printing, embossing, UV printing, gravure printing, bronzing (silver hot)
Lining: sponge, corrugated paper, etc.
Size: 32cm*24cm*6cm
Material: Coated paper + cardboard
Process: Fancy paper/coated paper/kraft paper/grey board
Features: This is a folding carton using recycled materials, special paper and embossing technology. The box is made of extra-hard paper, an environmentally friendly gift box, which is a magnetic folding box. The overall folding box adopts black as the main color, and marble pattern assists, giving people an elegant and fashionable beauty.
1. Process printing: matte laminated surface treatment process.
2. Material: The carton is made of 157g copper paper in a gray board box.
3. Features: The magnetic carton with lid is made of 157g copper paper in a gray board box. They are all renewable materials and are recyclable packaging boxes. It is used for the packaging of various products such as transport packaging, clothing, handicrafts, etc. It has a variety of uses and practicality. The exquisite appearance makes the gift box a higher level.
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