• black necklace gift jewelry packaging boxes
  • black necklace gift jewelry packaging boxes
  • black necklace gift jewelry packaging boxes
black necklace gift jewelry packaging boxes

Product origin: China

Delivery time: 7-15 Working Days

Supply capacity: 800,000pcs per month

The inner cushion can be taken out independently, and can be used to place rings, necklaces, bracelets and other accessories.

black necklace gift jewelry packaging boxes

product description

[Product specification] 7 (6.8) * 8 * 3.2cm, please consult if you are unclear.

[Size error] The size is measured manually. The actual products may have some errors, but they are within the normal range. Please understand.

[Product weight] One box is about 80-100g. For customized products, please refer to the actual situation.

[Material description] The plastic inner shell is wrapped with high-end tactile paper (the material on the box surface is PU leather), and the inner shell is covered with flannelette (which can soft protect the products inside the box from damage).

[Product use] Display of necklaces, pendants, earrings, cufflinks, pendants, bracelets, etc

[Hot stamping instructions] LOGO can be used for silver and gold stamping.

[Product structure] The groove in the ring box is made of plush, which can be used to insert a ring. The inner pad of the ear ring box can be taken out separately, and can be placed horizontally or reclined. The inner groove of the bracelet box is an iron ring, which can be adjusted in size. The bottom of the inner groove and the inner upper cover of the necklace box have sponges, and the bottom cushion has two rubber bands that can be fixed.

[Customization description] You can customize other colors and print your own brand logo, with a minimum order quantity of more than 500.

technical details

Product color

Black or Custom







 black ring box




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