Common packaging boxes


PackagingThere are several types of boxes that are used for packaging and storage.

Corrugated boxes

Corrugated boxes are shipping containers made of corrugated fiberboard and are most commonly used to transport products from warehouses during distribution. Corrugated boxes are also referred to as cartons, boxes and cardboard boxes in different regions. Corrugated boxes are rated according to the strength of their material or their load-bearing capacity. Corrugated boxes are also used as product packaging, or for point-of-sale displays.

cardboard paper box

Folding box

Folding cartons (sometimes referred to as boxes) are cardboard boxes manufactured with a folding lid. These cartons are used to package a variety of goods, both for one-time use (not resealable) and as storage boxes for more long-term use. Folding cartons are first printed (if necessary), then die-cut and scribed to create blanks; these cartons are then shipped and stored flat and then constructed at the point of use.

Gift boxes are a variation of folding cartons used for birthday or Christmas gifts.

paper box for gift packaging

Storage Boxes Decorative Boxes

Boxes used for storing various items can often be highly decorative, as they are intended for permanent use and are sometimes placed on display in certain locations.

Here are some types of storage boxes.

A jewelry (AmE) or jewelry (BrE) box is a box for storing trinkets or jewelry. It can take a very simple form, covered and lined with paper, covered with leather, lined with satin, or larger and more highly decorated.

paper box package

Hat boxes 

Hat boxes are used to store or transport hats. Hat boxes are usually cylindrical or oval shaped.

A candle box usually refers to a box used to package glass candles. The most commonly used is a double-opening box made of white cardboard, also known as a white card box, but of course there are also some more high-end candle boxes.

cardboard paper box

There is no fixed box for the products packaged in the box itself, only the right or unsuitable for the two choices, usually in the choice of a good box for the product. Often you can bring a different effect to your products.

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