Share the classification and introduction of the base paper for carton color boxes.

1: Corrugated base paper

The national standards are divided into four categories: A, B, C, and D. D-grade corrugated paper is basically eliminated by the market, and few manufacturers buy and use it.

2: Containerboard

a: Kraft cardboard (US card, Russian card). Features: long fiber, heavy sizing, high physical strength, rough board; pure wood pulp or a small amount of OCC. Abbreviation: Imported cattle card.

b: Imitation kraft cardboard. Features: 15-25% wood pulp is hung on the surface, and the rest is OCC; the fiber is shorter and the strength is worse than that of kraft cardboard. The paper surface is smooth, with different degrees of sizing (water absorption ranging from 30-55g/m2), and surface dyeing treatment. Abbreviation: Domestic cattle card.

c: Recycled paper. All composed of OCC, but different from corrugated paper. The surface is 11# or more AOCC noodles and has been dyed). The market is generally called C-grade containerboard, and some are called T paper.

3: white board paper

White-faced cow card bottom, bleached wood pulp on the surface, and the rest are natural or dyed wood pulp. (Russian white, Swedish white card, Finnish white card); white board paper (surface bleached wood pulp, the rest are deinked or non-deinked waste paper); coated white board paper (white on white, white on gray background)


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