• luxury personalised christmas brown candle boxes
  • luxury personalised christmas brown candle boxes
  • luxury personalised christmas brown candle boxes
luxury personalised christmas brown candle boxes

Product origin: China

Delivery time: 7-15 Working Days

Supply capacity: 600,000pcs per month

It has been forbidden for many years to focus on production, so that you can choose and buy at ease. It introduces advanced foreign equipment, and imports ink to make the product bright in color, making the product more high-grade. With machine knife plate, the surface can be slightly waterproof.

luxury personalised christmas brown candle boxes

product description

[Product name] High grade gift candle box

[Printing process] It can be used for gilding, silver stamping, UV, concave convex, color printing, etc

[Surface talent] It can be coated with bright film and sub film

[Product size] customized according to customer needs

[Product material] We use 1200g white pit paper, special paper, coated paper, cardboard and other materials, which are solid and thick, waterproof and explosion-proof, and can withstand greater pressure and tension.

[Process cutting] We have adopted advanced three-dimensional cutting technology to make the edges smooth and the whole body more straight and beautiful.

[Print HD] We introduce advanced printing equipment. By comparing and selecting excellent inks, print with higher definition, brighter colors and finer details.

[Precision clamping] Fully automatic cylinder die-cutting machine is adopted, with accurate die-cutting position and firm and stable overall.

For many years, it has been forbidden to focus on production, so that you can easily choose and buy. The introduction of foreign advanced equipment and imported ink make the products colorful and more high-grade. The surface of the machine cutter head can be slightly waterproof.

[Application]: Our boxes are suitable for packaging gifts, cosmetics, handicrafts, candles and other products. Because of its hard material, it can better protect your product. It is the best product for transportation packaging

Years of packaging experience, good equipment, high quality

1. High resolution printing of Heidelberg new equipment

2. The primary ink is more beautiful

technical details

Product color



art paper





 christmas candle boxes

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