• white mailer pink coloured corrugated boxes
  • white mailer pink coloured corrugated boxes
  • white mailer pink coloured corrugated boxes
  • white mailer pink coloured corrugated boxes
white mailer pink coloured corrugated boxes

Product origin: China

Delivery time: 7-15 Working Days

Supply capacity: 600,000pcs per month

We carefully make every product, your happiness, we treat with heart.
Whether in stock or custom colors, there is always one for you.
The gift box of creative jewelry is from complex to simple, but simple is not simple.

white mailer pink coloured corrugated boxes

product description

[Product name] Corrugated carton

[Product material] Kraft paper and corrugated paper

[Product size] It needs to be customized according to customer requirements, or 4 "x 4" x 2 "(about 10.2 cm x 10.1 cm)

[Customized content] Support the customization of LOGO, pattern, shop, telephone, QR code, address and other information

[Product features] Compression resistance, hardness and fall prevention

Reinforced corrugated paper: three layers of reinforced E corrugated paper, waterproof, moisture-proof and anti falling. The mail box is made of shatterproof corrugated cardboard, which is strong enough to ensure the safety of your items.

Clear teeth: corrugated boxes have obvious creases, and packaging and folding of boxes are faster during shipment.

Neat edges: the edges are smooth and neat, free of burrs, and beautiful.

Easy to fold: According to the pre folded folds, the document mailbox is easy to assemble. No tape, glue or staples required.

Proofing and trial assembly: Heidelberg printing machine is used to enhance the image restoration ability and improve the hand feel and appearance.

Precise color: through spot color or pantone color, the color is more accurate, the color is strong, the printing color is beautiful, and there is no pungent smell.

Preferred paper: thick, durable, pure, and strong toughness.

Film coated waterproof, waterproof and dirt resistant, you can choose light coated film or dumb film

Widely used: corrugated boxes can be used for transportation, mailing or storage of small, light and fragile items, such as small handicrafts, cosmetics, candles, gifts, etc.

technical details

Product color



 Kraft paper, corrugated paper





 color mailer boxes


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