• e flute blue corrugated carton box
  • e flute blue corrugated carton box
  • e flute blue corrugated carton box
e flute blue corrugated carton box

Product origin: China

Delivery time: 7-15 Working Days

Supply capacity: 800,000pcs per month

Materail: Mailer boxes are made of crush-proof corrugated cardboard.
White shipping boxes can be fold up to provide double wall protection on the front and sides. Entire Corrugated Box Mailer is uper strong yet light-weight to save on postage
Widely use:
Ideal for shipping small lightweight, fragile items such as crafts, cosmetics or candle, gifts, etc.

e flute blue corrugated carton box

product description

[Product name] Corrugated carton

[Customized content] Support the customization of LOGO, pattern, shop, telephone, QR code, address and other information

[Product features] Compression resistance, hardness and fall prevention

Reinforced corrugated paper: three layers of reinforced E corrugated paper, waterproof, moisture-proof and anti falling. The mail box is made of shatterproof corrugated cardboard, which is strong enough to ensure the safety of your items.

Clear teeth: the cartons have obvious creases, which can be packed and folded faster during shipment. Let you improve your efficiency at work.

Neat edges: the edges are smooth and neat without burrs, beautiful and generous, simple but not simple.

Wide range of uses: corrugated boxes can be used for transportation, mailing or storage of small, light and fragile articles, such as small handicrafts, cosmetics, candles, gifts, etc

Fashion shipping: Our colorful blue shipping box will help your brand stand out from the competition. When you can ship in a certain style, why put it in a boring ordinary box.

CUSTOMIZED SHIPPING: Our shipping cases are made of high-quality American corrugated cardboard materials. Our boxes will be hit especially during transportation.

Light weight: Each mailbox is made of durable and lightweight materials. The use of lightweight materials can save unnecessary transportation costs.

technical details

Product color



 Kraft paper, corrugated paper





 e flute corrugated box

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