Learn about 20 beautiful printing and packaging processes! (5-8)


Process name 5:

Gold card matte (medium sand)

rigid paper box

Features: The frosted ink feels special, has a strong impact on the senses, and is full of elegance and wealth.

Processing method: screen printing frosted ink, solid screen, 300 mesh.

Application range: tobacco packaging and printing, fashion gifts, high-end cosmetics, outer covers of hardcover books, gift boxes, etc.

Note: Due to the bright and noble material characteristics of the gold card, it is more suitable for expressing the characteristics of the matte process.

Substrate: Mirror gold card, 250g/m2, origin: China.

Material characteristics: The gold card is made of high-quality covered gold foil, and the heavy gold card has no hidden danger of paper bending.

Process Name 6:

refractive effect

beautiful gift boxes

Features: Like magic graphics effects, dazzling, very eye-catching, dazzling.

Processing method: According to the principle of plane vision graphic dislocation, make the original picture, screen printing refractive ink, 300 mesh.

Application range: tea packaging boxes, high-end gift packaging, book outer seals, product pendants, etc.

Note: Check whether the screen version meets the design requirements before printing, and use the field screen version.

Substrate: laser silver card, 180g/m2, origin: China.

Material characteristics: The laser silver card is made of high-quality coated paper covered with silver foil. When printing low-gram silver cards, you need to pay attention to the paper direction.

Process Name 7:

Special ink printing, frosted (fine sand), bright snowflake ink

corrugated paper

Features: Follow the change of the content of the screen, similar to the undulating surface after matte, to achieve a realistic effect.

Processing method: offset printing four colors, screen printing special ink, field screen plate, 300 mesh.

Scope of application: drama posters, fashion album inserts, book binding, creative materials, personalized decorative items, etc.

Note: To make a screen printing screen version according to the content of the screen, registration is very critical.

Substrate: Jager, 150g/m2, origin: Germany.

Material characteristics: high whiteness, smooth and delicate, the printed matter presents a sense of nobility, belongs to environmentally friendly paper, and has passed FSC certification.

Process Name 8:

Scallion powder

rigid paper box

Features: It has a pearl-like luster, soft colors, delicate texture, noble and elegant.

Processing method: screen printing UV ink twice, adding color onion powder for the second time, solid film and ordinary screen plate. 

Scope of application: creative materials, high-end cosmetics, hardcover book covers, interesting reading materials, packaging gift boxes, etc.

Note: In order to improve the texture and enhance the feel, you can try to cover the dumb film before processing this process.

Substrate: Swedish white card, 200g/m2, origin: Sweden.

Material properties: Medium-density fully bleached cardboard, fully coated and surface treated on both sides, with high whiteness.

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