2022 packaging printing machine seventh place - GOSS

2022 packaging printing machine seventh place - GOSS

GOSS Graphic System Co., Ltd., GOSS is affiliated to Shanghai Electric Group Co., Ltd., is a printing equipment manufacturing enterprise founded in 1939 and established in 1958.

The main business scope of goss in China is the four major printing solutions of newspapers, books, packaging and business. In 2019, the International Trade Department was newly added to give full play to the localized resource advantages, further exert synergies, and strive to expand the share and influence in the two major international and domestic markets.

Twenty-year-old companies have developed particularly rapidly. By mastering the world's leading professional printing technology, modern enterprise management and innovative ideas of International Box, it has rapidly grown into the leader and leading enterprise of today's printing equipment manufacturing industry. Today goss (China) has 506 technical assistants, including 421 patented technologies applied by the US Patent Office, of which 168 are advanced patented technologies in the industry.

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