Four points of corrugated box to show its advantages

Four points of corrugated box to show its advantages

First: the efficiency of corrugated boxes is increased: compared with the traditional manual packaging such as packaging paper, the use of corrugated boxes only needs to put the products into the box, which can save both time and effort.

Second: the cost of corrugated boxes can be reduced to a very low level: Compared with traditional packaging materials, the cushioning performance of this packaging structure is mainly due to the use of internal corrugated boxes to improve the impact resistance of this packaging.

Third: the corrugated box has good compression resistance: it is not easy to be squeezed when using this kind of packaging, and its compression resistance is good.

Fourth: The corrugated box has good safety and guaranteed transportation: the internal materials are all compression-resistant and shock-absorbing buffer protection. When external factors cause slight damage, it will not have a great impact on the product buffering, and the safety performance is trustworthy.

kraft paper for corrugated box

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